Let’s go on an adventure.

This is the story of a boy and girl who decided to take the road on an epic american journey across the different states in the U.S.

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A couple of months ago, after almost 2 years living in Vancouver, Steph and I decided that our North American experience would not be complete without a road trip before going back home in France. Following the steps of many friends of ours who also set camp in Vancouver for a while, we are driving down the West Coast through beaches, cities, national parks and all the treasures we can find on our way.

And believe me, we are doing it in style! Steph put on his McGyver suit and beautifully customized our van into a cozy home where every corner is space optimized – I like to call it a life size Tetris! We even opted for the California hippie surfer look ourselves. But not to worry, we both keep our French je-ne-sais-quoi in some way or another – whether it be in Steph’s stylish accent, my striped t-shirts or our cheese addiction.

But back to our trip! Things wouldn’t be fun without spicing things up a little, so after reaching California we will be crossing the country to find our way to colourful New Orleans before driving back up the East Coast to Montréal. Right now you are probably realizing that you might have a hell of a LOT of posts to read in this blog. Good, that’s the point. We’ll be taking you through the coolest spots and adventures through photos, stories and more – so hopefully we can make you travel a little with us!

Happy reading, watching and navigating!

Maeva & Steph


PS: I should also mention that this website is entirely built by Mr Stephane. YEAH, he’s pretty good at building stuff.


Stéphane, french
Web developer, photographer


Maeva, french
Writer, Illustrator