Happiness comes in salty water

38°21' 29" N 123°4' 7" W Salmon Creek

Oct 15, 2014  –  by Maeva

Keeping a close eye on his surfing book, Steph spotted Salmon Creek from far away: surfers! surfers! 5-8 feet waves aka irresistible for the surfer boy. I decided I’d be his groupie photographer for the session, and it sure paid off!
Drumroll ladies and gentlemen, for Steph’s first mini-tube-touching-the-wave-super-awesome-acceleration (don’t know if that’s the exact term for it but it’ll do.)

All smiles for the afternoon and a well deserved ice cream treat for both the surfer and the photographer!

Steph surf tube in Salmon Creek
Steph surf tube in Salmon Creek
Steph confronting the waves in Salmon Creek
Steph confronting the waves in Salmon Creek
Surf in Salmon Creek
Surf in Salmon Creek
Ice cream after Salmon Creek
Ice cream after Salmon Creek

College Cove

41°4' 5" N 124°9' 11" W College Cove

Oct 7, 2014  –  by Maeva

Though we didn’t stay too long on this beach (you know: no waves, no surf, no Steph), it was definitely worth the detour. We landed there while driving on the scenic roads along the ocean around Eureka. A bit of a steep walk down to land on a stunning beach, just enough to make sure it doesn’t get crowded and offers quite the view!

College Cove California
College Cove California


Frenchies crossing the border

49°0' 8" N 122°45' 25" W Peace Arch

Sep 27, 2014  –  by Maeva

F I N A L L Y ! The road trip began. After a busy day of final errands, cleaning, packing, loading the van and passing our apartment on to the next tenants, we were finally on the road on September 17th. We said our goodbyes to Vancouver on a rainy-ish day and headed towards the American border.

Luckily and oddly enough, the border was super empty and we didn’t have to wait in line endlessly among a sea of cars. We did need to get our papers and stamps renewed so we went inside the building to see an agent. When we saw the amount of couples and families getting their cars searched, we thought “Okay, we’re getting searched, this might take a WHILE.” At this point I need to point out that our van was and is jam packed with food, camping stuff, suitcases, bags, books, coats, a bed, surfboards, skateboards, …. and the list goes on. I mean, this is almost a 3-month trip, what can you expect?

We were finally called by an agent who started questioning us about our trip, the what, why, how, where, when, how long, etc.
– Where are you headed now?
– Bellingham
– What campground are you staying in?
– We’re staying with a friend.
– What is his name?
– Drake Wempe.
– Can you spell his full name?
At that second, Steph and I both pictured Sam’s (his brother) forearm tattoo that has Drake’s full name. Easy!
– What is his address?
Steph took out his iPhone to find his Facebook conversation with Drake and started reading out the address, struggling to scroll due to a very bad Internet, until the agent simply said “Let me see that.”

For about 15mn, we stood in front of him as he went through Steph’s Facebook messages, not really knowing what he was doing or reading. That-was-long. We waited, and waited, in silence. And as we were imagining what questions could possibly come next, he simply handed the phone back and proceeded to stamping our passports, wishing us safe travels and a fun road trip. A minute later, we were officially on the road, U.S. side, ready and thrilled to begin our new adventure.

B R I N G.  I T.  O N.